About this Blog

I am writing this blog from our home in Moshi, Tanzania. With my family I lived in the area for a couple of years from 2008 to 2010, and returned in August 2012. We are not sure for how long this time.

In my jobs I bridge traditional philanthropic development work and the current best new thing, impact investing. On the one hand I work for an NGO that seeks to reduce poverty in rural communities through an integrated approach to development, where we simultaneously attempt to improve access to quality health care and education, build basic infrastructure and seek to increase economic output and earned income. On the other hand I work for an impact fund that seeks to capitalize commercial enterprises in East Africa that improve the quality of life of poor and low-income people through the creation of jobs and opportunities for income generation and the provision of new, affordable products and services. I like to think both efforts do more good than harm, but I hope to ponder those thoughts and others on this blog.


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